MYBLU INTENSE 1.5ml Flavored Replacement Pods

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Tobacco Chill
Vapor and ice always make nice. Tobacco Chill Liquidpods, by myblu, are a new take on the classic bold, leafy tobacco flavor with notes of cooling, fresh mint. The icy smooth draw and rich, creamy exhale will leave you satisfied and refreshed.

Citra Zing
Citra Zing Liquidpods, by myblu, satisfies your sweet sweet tooth with a little zing. The taste of sugar and the tang of citrus come together in this perfectly balanced, refreshing flavor that’s sure to make you pucker up.

Honeymoon Liquidpods, by myblu, reminds you that the romance of milk and honey is a beautiful thing. With inhales of rich honey and light exhales of creamy milk, Honeymoon will have you feeling the love.

Neon Dream
Neon Dream, by myblu, will leave your taste buds in a stupor. It’s fruity and fresh, sour and sweet, subtly creamy and just plain dreamy. The distinct, citrus notes of fruit blend perfectly together to make this flavor light up your senses.

Melon Time
Time flies when you’re vaping with Melon Time Liquidpods by myblu. With the flavor of ripe, juicy fruit, this sweet and refreshing escape is one you won’t want to put down.